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YAMAHA MA2120//E Power Amp


Call for Price
  • 50% lighter than previous Yamaha P Series Power Amplifiers
  • Onboard Signal Processing including D-Contour
  • Features include
  • Config Wizard, Panel Lock, Event Logging
  • 2x 500W@4Ω
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  • Easy setup, and a user-friendly interface for effortless operation
  • Supporting Lo-Z (120W x 2ch @4Ω or 100W x2 ch @ 3Ω/8Ω) and Hi-Z (120W x 2ch or 200W x 1ch, 70V/100V) speaker systems
  • 1 stereo/2 mono line inputs
  • Output EQ for optimizing the sound of each Output channel
  • Built-in speaker EQ optimum for Yamaha VXC/VXS series speakers, as well as HPF and selectable LPF settings
  • Capable of controlling sources and volumes seperately in two areas (Source/volume zoning)
  • Service areas or zoning areas can be expanded by adding a PA2120
  • Remote volume control and microphone on/off switching via optional DCP control panels (DCP4V4S, DCP1V4S, DCP4S, max 2 units)
  • Intelligent protection function ensures safe, reliable operation
  • Certified by ENERGY STAR
  • Certified as Yamaha Eco Products
  • Space-saving 1U rack size (*sufficient space must be provided above and below the unit for airflow and cooling.)




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